Course duration : 1.5 years (3 semesters) each semester is followed by an exam Fees : course is free , intermediate exams AUD$800 each , final exam AUD$1400  Method : remote learning  Course material available in English language only ; some books will need to be researched Access to camera equipment and a store dummy (or live model(s)) and a broad selection of garments and accessories will be required (beg, borrow , buy as a last resort) as well as an ability to upload photographs , fill out forms and complete online exams Exams : at the conclusion of each semester . Successful completion of intermediate exams are prerequisite before following semester enrolments may be undertaken . FSé Certified Professional status is awarded after successful completion of second exam with 90% grade average , masters at the successful completion of final exam with 95% grade average Prerequisites : English language reading / writing proficiency , access to the internet and research material
FSé Certifications - Professional - Masters
FSé Certified Professional
Current FSé Certified Professionals interested in participating as paid mentors and/or examiners are invited to express their interest - now open