Certification Centre
We are a foundation member of the Intellectual Property Resources Group
FSé 0001-2017 Recticity Studio Adelaide FSé Accreditation 6 Jane B. Austen SIMILE ONLY
Those with FSé Certified Presentation Expert ambitions interested in permanent staff positions with our group are invited to register their interest after completing semester 1 with a better than 85% point average
Course duration 3 years (6 semesters) each semester is followed by an exam Fees   semester 1 AUD $2,350  semester 2 , 3 AUD $3,600 each semester 4 - 5  AUD $3,900 each , payable as $7,800 lump sum accreditation 6 available only to selected applicants , contracts apply Method  remote learning  Course material available in English language only ; it is extremely heavy on self-research aimed at driving individuality to the highest possible levels Access to camera equipment and a store dummy (and live models) as well as a broad selection of garments and accessories will be required as will access to hair dressing &  MUA skills . A seasoned ability to upload photographs and complete exams is assumed Prerequisites : English language reading / writing proficiency , access to the internet and copious research resources All fees payable 1 month in advance of each semester - FSé funded student loans & study grants available to selected fully committed and demonstrably talented applicants
Certified FSé Professional Women’s Fashion Styling